Group Excercise Sessions

Body Sense Physiotherapy group exercise sessions are led by specialist physiotherapists in complex and chronic pain who will provide you with a relaxed and motivating environment where you can perform your individualised exercise program under the supervision of one of our experienced physiotherapists.

This type of rehabilitation allows you to complete your workout with attention to ensure you get the full benefit of every single exercise you do. Your physiotherapist will work with you to ensure that the training you do relates to the health and wellness goals you want to achieve in your journey to recovery.

This type of exercise is also great as the guidance and feedback you receive, will help to increase your confidence and take that knowledge with you when you do functional activities outside of the safe environment of the rehabilitation sessions.

Your journey to recovery is one we take very seriously!

Your physiotherapist is there to help you be the best you can be and to take you to your own best performance level so you can enjoy life and do the things you love doing. Body Sense Physiotherapy believes that the exercise you want, is the one you are most likely to continue doing.

So, we make sure you know why we give a specific activity and relate the movements to your goals. Your exercise program will continuously be monitored and progressed to help you recover and regain your health and fitness.

We recommend Supervised Group Exercise sessions after you have had a comprehensive initial assessment to determine what your current medical and health circumstances are. The findings from your physiotherapy assessment ensure that your program matches your personal goals, ability, exercise history, and any injury concerns.

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