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Why have I been referred for physiotherapy?

When you have suffered a workplace injury, physiotherapy treatment is an important part of your rehabilitation process.

You may have been referred to us by your GP, insurer, return to work co-ordinator or medical specialist for assessment and management your injury. This may be to initiate the rehabilitation process in collaboration with your GP or, if you have already commenced physiotherapy, provide an expert opinion on your injury and recovery timeframe. We will also provide advice to your treating doctor and physiotherapist to guide you towards the best possible management of your rehabilitation.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Usually, your first visit will involve a Comprehensive Physiotherapy Assessment.

  • This is a 60-90 minute comprehensive assessment with either a Specialist Physiotherapist or a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist; and is often requested if your condition is complex and you have not progressed with your current treatment;
  • The review involves a comprehensive assessment, a diagnosis, a detailed list of contributing factors, prognosis and treatment/management recommendations;
  • We discuss with you whether further investigations or interventions are needed, and also make these recommendations to your treating medical practitioner;
  • We provide you with an outline of the best way physiotherapy can assist with the management of your injury;
  • We also provide you with advice on other rehabilitation services that will assist with your recovery, such as hydrotherapy or exercise based rehabilitation.

What happens after my first appointment?

  • Upon completion of the assessment, we complete a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations;
  • A follow up appointment is often scheduled following your assessment to ensure you have progressed as expected.

Can you provide ongoing physiotherapy care following my assessment?

  • Where possible, we will continue to assist with the management of your rehabilitation. This will usually involve regular physiotherapy sessions either in the clinic, at our exercise facility or in a gym based environment;
  • During your rehabilitation, we will regularly reassess you to ensure you are recovering in line with expectations. We will also regularly communicate with your medical practitioner and case manager to keep them update on your progress and provide any ongoing recommendations.

What if I already have a physiotherapist, or live a long way from your clinic?

  • If you are already seeing a physiotherapist, we will ensure they receive a copy of our report so they can accommodate our findings and recommendations. We will also endeavour to communicate our findings with them over the phone were practicable;
  • Your physiotherapist is always welcome to attend your appointment with us so they can observe our assessment and collaborate on recommendations for your management;
  • If you aren’t currently seeing a physiotherapist but do live a long way from our clinic, we are happy to refer you to a physiotherapist closer to your home and provide them with a handover of our findings and management recommendations.

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