What can i expect from a telehealth physiotherapy consultation?

The first part of the consult is no different from when you are attending a physiotherapy consult in person. An in-depth assessment is performed to find out what your problem is and identifying all the contributing factors that might be linked to your problem. Your goals and expectations are identified.

From there a modified physical examination is conducted which your physiotherapist will guide you through. At the end of this the findings are explained, and treatment and a management plan are discussed and decided on with you.

At Body Sense Physiotherapy we have many patients with chronic and complex pain conditions. Our treatment and management that we provide in the rooms with face-to-face consults, are very well suited to be offered in an online consult.

In short, the following occurs in an online consult:

  • Detailed history is taken of your problem/condition
  • Contributing factors to your condition are identified
  • We discuss your expectations from treatment
  • Together we discuss your goals for recovery
  • We will talk you through a modified physical assessment
  • Recommended treatment and management explained
  • Specific, individualised movement, relaxation or exercise strategies are given to assist with pain relief, improving mobility and regaining strength
  • Depending on the problem, education is provided to help you understand the factors that you can modify to help you with recovery

For exercise and rehabilitation, we have a gym set up where you can easily see your physiotherapist demonstrating and taking you through a range of exercises designed to help you with your pain and limitations. Your physiotherapist will be able to see how you do your exercises – this can be in the consult room or on the screen in our gym. Performing your exercises in a home setting is beneficial as your physiotherapist can help you modify your rehabilitation to optimise your home exercise rehabilitation.

Body Sense Physiotherapy realises that this does not replace hands-on physio assessment and treatment, but we can assure you we will still provide you with the best advice and self- treatment we can. The scientific evidence available to us supports telehealth consultations as an effective form therapy in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal issues.

If your physio believes that they cannot help during online Telehealth Physiotherapy treatment for any reason they will let you know and arrange for your consultation fee to be refunded.

What do you need to take part in a telehealth consult?

  1. Call 08 6401 3346 or book a Telehealth appointment here. Should you have specific questions regarding a Telehealth appointment you are welcome to call or email our friendly Reception staff at
  2. Provide us with your contact email address and mobile number
  3. The link for the telehealth consults via ZOOM will be sent to you via email.
  4. Equipment needed can be any of the following:
    • a smart phone with internet or 4G connection
    • a tablet or iPad with internet or 4G connection
    • a computer with ADSL, a webcam, microphone, and a speaker
    • a good stable internet connection
  5. If you have any reports or imaging that is relevant to your case, you can email this to our admin staff at Alternatively, you can take a photo and email it to the above address.
  6. Arrange a well-lit, private area for the telehealth consult with space to move. This is helpful when a physical examination is conducted, or exercises are demonstrated.

The safety of our patients, staff and community is our priority.

Please do not attend the clinic, if you are planning or have booked an appointment at Body Sense Physiotherapy and:

Please contact us by phone to allow us to assist with alternative appointment options. Body Sense Physiotherapy follows WA Health Department COVID-19 guidelines and these are subject to change.