Pregnancy & Postnatal

Pregnancy & Postnatal

At Body Sense Physiotherapy we know that pregnancy is a special journey for you. We also understand that pregnancy can bring it’s own challenges.

  • Pregnant women can experience postural aches and pains, lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain.
  • Women are more vulnerable to pelvic floor concerns through their childbearing years.
  • In fact, 1 in 3 women who have ever had a baby may wet themselves.
  • Pelvic floor exercises are the first line of treatment for preventing and managing bladder leakage

Post-natal care

Becoming a mother is a special time in your life. Our pelvic physiotherapists understand that it can be demanding on our physical and mental health.

We can help you with:

  • Comprehensive post-natal check-ups (pelvic floor, abdominal separation and return to exercise programs).
  • Management to aid in the recovery of episiotomies, painful haemorrhoids, obstetric injuries and caesarean scar recovery
  • Manage any musculoskeletal concerns such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb/wrist pain, neck, back and pelvic girdle pain.

We are only too happy to assist in your recovery of these complaints, or perhaps you’d just like a check-up to find out what to do and not do when returning to pre pregnancy activities. either way, we are here to help you.

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Breastfeeding concerns

Breastfeeding is considered a healthy option for mother and baby. We know it can sometimes bring challenges like mastitis, blocked ducts and damaged nipples. Our pelvic health physiotherapists can offer:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound treatment for mastitis and blocked ducts
  • Laser (light therapy) for helping damaged nipples heal
  • Breast care advice for feeding and exercise

We are happy to be part of your health care team to assist you during your breastfeeding journey. You can also use these appointments to ask any questions you have about pelvic floor exercises, returning to general exercise, recovery, bowel/ bladder concerns or intercourse concerns.

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The safety of our patients, staff and community is our priority.

Please do not attend the clinic, if you are planning or have booked an appointment at Body Sense Physiotherapy and:

Please contact us by phone to allow us to assist with alternative appointment options. Body Sense Physiotherapy follows WA Health Department COVID-19 guidelines and these are subject to change.